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Introducing The Candace "Candy" Abbott Scholarship

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

In memory of Candace “Candy” Abbott. As the mother of Kiddie Kollege’s Pre-K teacher, Gina Miller, she inspired a lifetime of loving and cherishing children for generations to come. This passion, embodied by Gina, paved the way for a career in early education. That path, along with the vision of her oldest daughter, son-in-law, and many individual contributions made Kiddie Kollege possible. For that we honor her memory that always lives on by giving back to those in need, just as she would have wanted.

Financial Contributors

Kiddie Kollege, LLC

Reese & Jordan Petersen and family

Brian & Brittany Winkel and family

Ricky & Rachelle Petersen

Scholarship Amount

● Amounts awarded may vary, though are approximately equivalent to one-week’s tuition for childcare at Kiddie Kollege.

● Scholarships will be awarded per family (not per child) to a select number of families (TBD) for this grant period.

● Awards will be based on character, perseverance through current financial hardship, and affirmation by Kiddie Kollege, LLC executives and staff.


● Must have a child enrolled at least part-time at Kiddie Kollege.

● Must be able to justify financial hardship and detail his/her/their efforts to improve such.

● At least one parent/guardian within the household of the child(ren) must be working a minimum of 20 hours per week.

● Have previously provided OR provide prior to submitting the scholarship application an honest review of Kiddie Kollege on Facebook and Google (negative reviews do not disqualify from consideration) based on your experience with Kiddie Kollege as your childcare provider.

● Applicants with delinquent accounts are neither given preference nor disqualified from consideration, though must have shown an honest attempt to bring the account current recently.

● Scholarships can be used solely toward tuition relief at Kiddie Kollege for self-pay families as well as an offset of Iowa CCA/Illinois CCAP copayments.

● Failure to remain in good standing with Kiddie Kollege may result in the loss of eligibility for future awards.

Application Process

● Provide application via email to:

● Include, in writing:

Name(s) of parent(s)/guardian(s).

Name(s) of child(ren) attending Kiddie Kollege.

Briefly describe the current financial hardship your family faces and what you have done/are doing/will do to overcome these obstacles.

Briefly describe how (if applicable) Kiddie Kollege has allowed you to better provide for your family.


● August 12 Deadline | August 15 Scholarship Review | August 19 Recipients Announced

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