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From 6 weeks young up to those ready to endeavor on the journey of preschool, we have curriculum for every developmental stage of your child(ren). These programs are reviewed continually for effectiveness and are reinvented or re-imagined as needed based on that which we learn from the feedback of each individual child.


In addition to early childhood education, we provide preschool curriculum for 4 and 5 year olds so that your child(ren) may have a seamless transition through our program and into Kindergarten. Our formal Pre-K program began in the Fall 2022.


We are proud to integrate S.T.E.M. into our teaching and learning. We believe in preparing children for the future, and much of that is anticipated to require a strong S.T.E.M. background. In addition to traditional curriculum, children will learn S.T.E.M. as developmentally appropriate. 

Once we feel the individual child is ready, you will have the option of your child(ren) learning basic coding and computer programming to get a jumpstart on what may be the fastest growing industry. This will give them a step ahead of future peers on a skill that will be of utmost importance, even if they are not a future coder or computer programmer.


We offer early morning and early evening care to accommodate the busy schedules of hard-working parents/guardians by opening at 6:00am and remaining open until 5:30PM CST, Monday through Friday.


The before-and-after-school care is less formal than the daytime child care. Our staff has the proper training for each age group and level of development. We provide dinner, snacks, and work with parents/guardians to choose goals to accomplish for school-aged children.

There will be opportunities throughout the night for entertainment as well. Age-appropriate movies and shows will be provided, and we will work with parents/guardians to choose the schedule most desired by the parent/guardian. We understand that not all children are on the same schedule, and therefore we can offer a few options to assure that your child(ren) receive as close to the same care and attention that they receive at home with you. This offers flexibility, parental/guardian input, and a collaborative learning environment mixed with entertainment, proper nutrition, and adequate rest.

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